Child/Adult Care Food Programs


Family Child Care Homes

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) of Central Kentucky Community Action provides reimbursement for meals and snacks served to small groups of children receiving nonresidential day care in private homes that are licensed, registered, or approved to provide family child care. 

CACFP targets higher levels of reimbursement to low-income areas, and to day care providers and children most in need. The reimbursements make the cost of day care more affordable for many lower income families.

Health and safety standards, training, and monitoring make CACFP an important component of quality child care, especially in family day care homes.

  • CKCAC has administered a CACFP program since 1980

  • Serving 51 homes in 15 counties 

  • Homes must be registered for 3 unrelated children.  Certified for 6 unrelated children, or Licensed for 12 children

  • Family Child Care Home (FCCH) providers receive reimbursement for all meals served. Over 500 children a year receiving over 160,000 meals per year  

  • 95% of these children are served in low income areas

  • Nearly 150 monitoring visits of the homes made each year

  • Nutrition training annually for all FCCH providers

  • Allows parents to work – with the assurance that their children are being cared for in a safe home setting

For more information, please read the Family Day Care Homes Monitor Handbook.

For food and snacks, please visit USDA


Unafilliated Centers

  • CKCAC has administered the program since January 2013

  • Sponsoring 10 Centers in 8 counties - licensed centers must have 25% low income children

  • Centers receive reimbursement for meals served according to the number of low income children served 

  • Nearly 400 children a year receiving over 150,000 meals per year

  • 76% of these children served are low income

  • Centers are monitored to insure compliance

  • Nutrition training annually for all centers

  • One full time and one part time staff member serving both Family Child Care Homes and Unaffiliated Centers


Contact Information

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