Community Services Programs

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) provides core funding to CKCAC to be a community action agency. The funding allows CKCAC to operate eight offices in the agency’s eight-county service area. Each county takes applications, makes referrals, and provides services to the low-income individuals in the area. We are looked upon as the agency most able to provide assistance during crisis situations. Each county office works with the faith-based community, other social service organizations, and business and government leaders to provide services needed for low-income residents of the county.  CKCAC provides services that respond to local needs and fill locally identified gaps; typical services include food assistance, a clothing bank, utility assistance, case management, budget counseling, housing assistance, education and employment barriers, and eligibility determination for weatherization assistance, advocacy, information and referral.

The Community Services Program provides direct assistance with federal, state and local funds when available.

Income Management: Assistance with developing and maintaining a family budget. Families are encouraged to develop strategies to prevent emergencies.

Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program: (LIHEAP) - payment for heating cost in a subsidized and crisis situation.
                                     2018 LIHEAP Subsidy Calendar
                                     2018 LIHEAP Fact Sheet

Emergency Assistance: Payment for rent, utility bills, medicine, medical transportation, etc.

WinterCare Assistance: payment for electric heating costs in crisis situation.

Emergency Food and Shelter Program: (EFSP) Emergency payment for one month’s rent or utility usage, food (grocery or food bank) or temporary shelter.

Employment: Assistance with obtaining, removing employment obstacles and maintaining employment.

Education: Assistance with transportation or costs of obtaining GED or other educational goals.

Scholarship Program: Provided to low-income graduates and GED recipients pursuing education in Agriculture, Business, Education, Medicine or Social Services. Limited scholarships for full time students.

Youth Enrichment: Assistance to low income children to participate in Summer Youth Camps, 4-H Camp, Swimming Lessons, Nutritional Day Camps or other enrichment experience.

Christmas Program: Assistance with food baskets, toys (new and used) and limited clothing to low-income clients in coordination with other local agencies.

Nutrition Program: Food Banks in most County Offices, Senior Commodities - Garden program.

BackPack Program: Provides food to children with food insecurity on weekends when school meals are not available.

Community Needs Assessment: is conducted annually to allow participants, service providers and the community, to steer program planning and development.

This project is funded, in part, under a contract with CHR with funds from CSBG Act of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.